dpaste.com Terms of Service

Approved uses

Almost any type of content is welcome on dpaste.com.

  • Source code
  • Text markup
  • Log files
  • Error messages
  • Public encryption keys
  • Love notes
  • ASCII art

Prohibited uses

The following types of paste content are forbidden; they will be deleted and the posting IP blacklisted.

  • Individual identifying and private data without consent ("doxing"), including login credentials
  • Copyrighted material without owner consent, or links to unauthorized copies of copyrighted material
  • Content whose primary purpose is to enable or encourage activities prohibited by law
  • Links to malware or phishing sites
  • JavaScript malware deployment
  • Items created solely as advertisements, or for inclusion in spam (unsolicited email, chat posts, or web comments)
  • IPTV playlists

Creating public web pages with dpaste.com links in script src attributes is prohibited.

Any conduct impeding others' use of the service is prohibited.

Automated use

Automated use of the service is permitted and encouraged; see our API documentation.

  • Automated submissions must be made with a User-Agent header identifying the software making the request.
  • Automated requests should not exceed one per second. An HTTP 429 response or IP block may result if that limit is exceeded.

To report a violation of these Terms of Service, send a support request.

These guidelines are not exhaustive and they are not a legal document.